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The Lemoine project is located 25 km south of Chibougamau and is easily accessible via public and forestry roads. Cogitore now owns 77% of the project while Inmet’s 23% residual interest decreases as Cogitore carries out work in which Inmet declines to participate. The project encloses the former Lemoine Mine which produced 0.76Mt of high grade massive sulphide ore (> $400/t at today's prices).

In terms of grade, Lemoine ranks number 2 in Canada (second only to Eskay Creek) and is within the top 1% of all VMS worldwide. The property encloses a 17 km segment of the regional Waconichi Formation which is the favourable horizon hosting the deposit. On the Lemoine property, the Waconichi Formation consists of porphyritic rhyolites which have locally undergone strong hydrothermal alteration in chlorite-sericite over large areas. Considering that VMS deposits (like Lemoine) typically occur as clusters to form mining camps, the exploration concept guiding exploration at Lemoine is to look for other deposits which could have formed at the same time as Lemoine along the productive horizon.

A number of interesting targets have emerged in the course of important drilling campaigns by Cogitore since 2004. These include a 2 kilometre wide alteration zone atthe west end of the property and two sectors discovered in 2005 that show clear near term potential respectively in the LEM-47 and LEM-49 areas.  Hole LEM-47 was drilled approximately three kilometres southwest of the Lemoine Mine and was targeting a new potential mineralized horizon located about 250 metres north of, and stratigraphically below the horizon that hosted the past producing Lemoine Mine. It yielded:

Hole From (m) To (m) Length (m) Cu % Zn %
LEM-47 272.0 297.3 25.3 0.25 0.81
Incl. 277.0 286.0 9.0 0.18 1.77
and 296.2 297.3 1.1 2.31 0.20

Hole LEM-47 was drilled about four kilometres to the northeast of the Lemoine mine and was targeting the Lemoine horizon:

Hole From (m) To (m) Length (m) ppm Cu Zn %
LEM-49 372.0 384.0 12.0 733 0.74
Incl. 372.0 379.0 7.0 926 1.18
Incl. 372.0 373.25 1.25 1490 3.19

All of the above noted mineralization in LEM-49 is hosted by volcanic rocks sitting above the Lemoine mine horizon and reflects a hydrothermal system vigorous enough to have breached through rocks overlying the Lemoine horizon in this area, hence justifying focused exploration efforts in the LEM-49 sector.

Future exploration work will focus on the extension at depth of the Lemoine deposit itself and on several areas where there is strong evidence of hydrothermal alteration elsewhere on the property.

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